Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesday, here I come!

Wednesdays are long days. The good news is I go into work late. That gives me time to spend with my family. This morning Summer woke me up with the smell of buiscuts and gravy, homeade gravy :) Micah has a terrible cough this morning. Summer is going to make a trip to Walmart with the kids to get medicine. God bless moms who go alone with two or more kids anywhere. Can I here an amen from the moms of multiple children out there?

I've been reading 1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Kings. Now that I'm in Kings, I'm reading the prophets as I get to the king they ruled under. I've never tried doing that kind of study through the prophets. I'm up to 1 Kings 19. That is after Elijah has faced Ahab and Obadiah was a God fearing believer during the time of Ahab. Actually he was in charge of Ahab's palace. I don't think this is Obadiah the prophet though, but I'm not for sure. I've been trying to come up with a parallel. Maybe that would be like being in charge of Sadam's palace or in charge of Osama's quarters. Obadiah was a believer in the reign of a terrible king that worshipped Baal. Not only that, but his wife Jezabel had put to death hundreds of prophets. Imagine being in Obadiah's shoes.

Well, things that have to be done on Wednesdays are having worship team handouts ready to print for rehearsal tonight. We also have a "Peak of the Week" service that I have to be prepared for as well. We have a church wide dinner at 5:30, "Peak of the Week" at 6:45, and worship team rehearsal at 7:45. I will be lucky to get home by 9:30.

I will post a recent picture of my children. They are the most beautiful children in the world. Do you hear any bias there?

Everyone have a blessed day!


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